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HotTown Skates


We are made in America

at Watson Laminates 

Steve Watson Deck is HERE!


The Boards arrived! 

They're 11 x 32 "

with an adjustable wheelbase of 16-17" 

Stories of HotTown and the Bakersfied Endleswave


These are the stories, to the best of our recollection.   All of them are true, some of them have changed over time but the Stoke remains  

* we disavow any knowledge of what we did 

40 yrs ago

Pre Sale is Over


Steve Watson decks are being made in 

Limited #'s. 

100 riders were produced in this run.

Thank You for your Support

Russ Watson Deck ~ Pre Sale Coming!


The Russ Watson Deck is in the concept stages. The artwork is done, the shape and size are being imagined as we speak. Look for more updates as they come in

Customer Pictures


Send us pictures of you and your HotTown boards, we will display them for you